Terms & Conditions of Use

Operating under the auspices of the Perth Diocesan Trustees, the following Terms and Conditions of Use apply to Swan Valley Adventure Centre (SVAC).

Please read and acknowledge these Terms & Conditions in order to secure your booking:

1. Booking

1.1 Online Enquiry to be submitted via the SVAC website.

1.2 Booking confirmation sent via return email from SVAC (subject to availability).

1.3 Minimum number for bookings is 20 people (Activity group minimum charge is for 16 people/Grevillea house minimum 10 people).

1.4 Minimum 2 night stay Wednesday to Friday during school terms.

1.5 Conference Room / Camp House / Activity allocation is subject to availability.

2. Deposit

2.1 The Hirer must pay the deposit upon acceptance of the Booking Advice. No booking will be confirmed until the Deposit is paid (booking form MUST be confirmed within 14 days of receipt).

2.2 Final and full payment as per the invoice issued to the Hirer is due and payable at the end of the booking period.

2.3 The final invoice will include a charge for each person attending or visiting the camp, based on the price per person set out in the Booking Request.

2.4 If the number of people attending the camp is less than the minimum number of people set out in the Booking Request, the Hirer agrees to pay the minimum invoice amount set out in the Booking Advice.

2.5 A new account will be issued to rectifying any damage, breakage, or loss.

3. Security Bond

3.1 SVAC may in its absolute discretion require a security bond to be paid by the Hirer. If a security bond is required, the Hirer will be notified of the amount within 5 days of submitting the Booking Advice a credit card authorization will be issued.

3.2 The security bond will be refunded to the Hirer within 14 days after conclusion of the Hire Period on the provision that no damage has been caused to SVAC facilities.

3.3 The security bond or any part of it may be applied by SVAC as follows:

(i) To remedy any damage caused to the Facility during the Hire Period by the Hirer or persons under the direction or control of the Hirer;

(ii) Toward any outstanding payment due to SVAC under this Agreement;

(iii) Where otherwise permitted under this Agreement, or,

(iv) In which case any remaining amount will be refunded.

4. Last Minute Booking

4.1 All bookings made within 10 business days of the event will require full non-refundable payment via credit card at the time of booking.

5. Final Details

5.1 Final numbers / Special dietary requirements / Conference room set-up and equipment requirements and all details relevant to the booking MUST be advised to SVAC no later than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event.

5.2 Final Invoice will be issued based upon the final details and NO refunds will be given for a reduction in number or change of details after this time. Payment must be made as per the terms noted on the invoice. Failure to do so may result in the booking not being able to proceed.

5.3 Birthday Party bookings will be required to make full payment upon confirmation of event.

6. Cancellation

6.1 Bookings cancelled with more than three months prior notice to the scheduled event date may apply to SVAC for a refund of the deposit payment. Subject to the discretion of SVAC’s General Manager

6.2 If the booking is cancelled within three months of the scheduled event date the deposit amount will be forfeited.

6.3 Bookings cancelled after final invoice issue will be required to pay the full amount of the booking.

7. Refunds

7.1 SVAC shall not be liable or responsible for any failure in performance of its obligations if caused by means beyond its reasonable control. Please note that unfavorable weather conditions or late arrival do not constitute a failure of SVAC to fulfil its obligations and does not entitle the group or individual to any refund.

7.2 Should weather conditions prevent any scheduled event from taking place, we will endeavor to provide an alternative.

8. Rate and Price Variations

8.1 Rates quoted are appropriate to the particular product at the time of quoting and these rates may change subject to supply chain variations, fuel price surges, wage increases or other business-related factors.

8.2 SVAC E-Commerce policy applies to purchases/ bookings of all online services.

8.3 All online sales and bookings are considered final and returns, exchanges or refunds are not available, unless required by applicable law or approved by SVAC General Manager, with the following limited exceptions;

Where required by law under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or other relevant legislation. For example:

(a) where a product is faulty, or

(b) where a product is not as described, or the incorrect product has been delivered (not inclusive of a change in activity for safety/ weather concerns).

8.4 If a severe weather warning is issued by the bureau of meteorology which will bring dangerous weather to the Swan Valley Area affecting SVAC the General Manager may offer the following

(a) Offer a suitable substitute, or

(b) Move the booking to another suitable day.

8.5 SVAC may, at its sole discretion, offer a refund or exchange in selected cases that are beyond the requirements of legislation. However, it is under no obligation to do so and this provision should not be relied upon when making a purchase decision.

9. Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

9.1 All persons that attend Swan Valley Adventure Centre acknowledge that they do so at their own risk. In the interests of protecting all visitors, we ask that you do not enter the centre if you:

(a) Have travelled internationally in the last 14 days,

(b) Have been in close contact with a person who has travelled internationally in the last 14 days,

(c) Have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 and not recovered,

(d) Within the previous 72 hours, experienced flu like symptoms, or

(e) Have been advised by a public health authority to self-isolate or quarantine.

10. State Lockdown Procedures

10.1 If the Western Australian Government issues a lockdown procedure affecting either SVAC or customer of SVAC the following procedures will be put in place.

  1. If a lockdown is issued which will affect an upcoming booking SVAC will be in contact with the group organiser to advise of the booking being postponed. The SVAC representative will offer an appropriate date/s to postpone the booking or discuss refund procedures.
  2. If a group is at the centre when a lock down is issued, we will offer a credit for the remaining nights’ accommodation and any remaining activities.

11. Activities

11.1 Personal Risk Waiver forms are to be submitted online (where applicable) or hard copies presented to SVAC staff before the use of any activity at the adventure centre.

11.2 SVAC activities will be supervised and instructed by SVAC employees or external partners. SVAC and employees accept no liability whatsoever in relation to any instructions given by group organisers or individuals who are not permitted by SVAC to give instruction.

11.3 Groups are to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled activity time and participants MUST be wearing the correct clothing.

11.4 Under no circumstances are any of the activities to be used at any time without supervision of SVAC Instructors, or authorized teachers instructing as part of an agreed activity program. Anyone doing so will be in breach of our site safety rules and the person/ group will be asked to leave the property immediately.

11.5 It is not permitted for any group to organise third party contractors to provide activities on site. Any requirements for activities not provided in our programs need to be approved by SVAC.

12. Duty of Care

12.1 A briefing for group organisers will be conducted on arrival covering emergency procedures and duty of care responsibilities. Group organisers MUST ensure that individuals are aware of site emergency procedures.

12.2 The person making the booking at SVAC and their representatives on site during the event, are responsible for their group individuals in case of emergency.

12.3 Please report all emergencies to a SVAC representative for support and assistance.

12.4 In case of emergency after office hours (Monday – Friday 0830 – 1700) guests must contact the SVAC Duty Manager via details on the camp house key tag.

13. Accommodation Conditions of Use

13.1 The Hirer agrees to the following conditions of use related to accommodation:

  1. Check in: 1500 (luggage storage available).
  2. Check out: 1000 (luggage storage available) - late check out is subject to availability.
  3. Arrival: Early or Late check in/ check out may incur a surcharge and advance notice MUST be given. Applicable to guests arriving prior to 8:00am and/ or departing after 8:00pm.
  4. House allocation: SVAC reserves the right to reallocate accommodation prior to the scheduled event date and will provide notification if this action is necessary. Bed allocation within Camp Houses will be limited according to group size. Smaller group numbers will not be able to access the full accommodation building (SVAC also reserves the right to reallocate accommodation prior to the scheduled event date).
  5. Furniture and Fittings: No beds, mattresses, furniture or other fittings are to be moved.
  6. Linen: All beds at SVAC are provided with a fitted sheet as standard and guests are to supply their own sleeping bag and pillow - we can provide full linen for an additional charge - all guests to BYO towel. Please place used sheets/ linen in the laundry bins provided prior to departure.
  7. Cleaning: Houses are expected to be kept in a clean and tidy manner - our staff will service the bathroom areas each day - it is the group’s responsibility to keep all other areas clean and to dispose of all rubbish. Houses are to be left in a clean and tidy manner prior to departure.
  8. Laundry: Houses (except for Grevillea) are equipped with a washer, dryer and/or clothesline. Large amounts of personal clothing can be laundered via the SVAC Laundry with prior arrangement and charges will apply.
  9. Locks: All houses are equipped with magnetic door locks (except Grevillea House) - for additional security. Any damage or loss which occurs, due to the failure of the group leader locking up, will be invoiced to the group.
  10. Parking: Vehicles should only be parked in designated car park areas so that emergency vehicles can gain access to buildings where required.

14 General Conditions of Use

14.1 The Hirer agrees to the following general conditions of use:

  1. Alcohol: Under no circumstances is alcohol permitted onto the site without the consent of SVAC Management. If permitted by Management, alcohol can only be consumed in camp houses or within the conference room/s. Any individual under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted onsite or to participate in activities and no refund will be given. Resistance to being asked to leave the premises will result in the Police being called.
  2. Drugs: Under no circumstances are illicit drugs to be brought or used at SVAC. Group organisers are responsible for storing and administrating prescribed medication for persons under 18 years. Any individual under the influence of drugs will not be permitted onsite or to participate in activities and no refund will be given. Resistance to being asked to leave the premises will result in the Police being called.
  3. Smoking: Only permitted in the designated smoking areas.
  4. Catering: SVAC do not allow self-catering in camp houses, aside from the provision of light snacks and refreshments (camp houses do not have cooking facilities). School lunches and snacks for day activity bookings are permitted to be brought onsite and groups hiring the SVAC Camp Kitchen may utilise the cooking facilities within this space to prepare and serve meals. All bookings are subject to ‘default’ catering of Breakfast – Continental, Lunch – Healthy Home Style and Dinner. Catering options may be added / updated anytime during the booking process however, menu and catering options not advised prior to / at the time of final details being due, will be invoiced, as per the ‘default’ catering options.
  5. Special Dietary Information: SVAC allocate tables to each group and it is the teacher's or guest's choice as to where they sit within the allocated tables in the Dining Room.
    Guests with severe food allergies may choose to sit separately to other guests within their group, as required.
    Guests with food allergies are served first and should wear the allocated wrist band, indicating that they have special medical or religious dietary requirements.
    The special dietary meals are served through the single door entry on the right-hand side of the kitchen servery.
    The menu items which are allergen specific are kept and served within this area - the food is served using utensils specific to these foods.
    It is the responsibility of the teaching/ supervising staff to send the students/ guests through for meals and also to be present to for support of the younger guests with special dietary concerns. Cross contamination should not occur, if the guest being served, is properly assuming responsibility when advising the catering staff of their specific dietary requirements.
    During service, our catering staff will serve as per the guest's dietary requirement and our Chef is present to advise the guest, if they are uncertain of what is being catered.
    The catering staff serve the cooked menu items, with the guests helping themselves to serve the cereal/ salad of their choice from the breakfast/ lunch/ dinner service station.
    We encourage teachers/ supervisors to assist with overseeing meal service in this area to avoid cross-contamination and a clean service area.
    Please note that when a guest with allergens is choosing a specific cereal/ salad from the shared service station, these items should be familiar to them and they should be conscious of not taking foods which they are not certain about in relation to their food allergies. Our catering staff are always 'on the floor' and accessible to guests who have questions regarding the menu items. SVAC recommend, for the comfort and peace-of-mind of our guests, that in order to avoid unnecessary stress about the food on offer during camp; that guests with complex medical catering concerns, may opt to cater themselves and bring menu items from home as whole meals, or to supplement our catering. We provide access both in the camp houses and Dining Room, to fridges, microwaves and hot water to assist guests with meal preparation.
  6. Mealtimes: Ensure that your group adheres to scheduled mealtimes as indicated on your Booking Advice. Any variations to mealtimes without notice to our Chef may result in an additional fee. Bookings outside of the ‘standard’ service times may incur a catering surcharge.
  7. Self-catering: SVAC camp houses are not set-up for self-catering. Facilities are available for the preparation of light snacks and refreshments only. Groups choosing not to dine with us will be charged a daily cleaning/ rubbish surcharge, as the labour and waste disposal costs associated with disposing of rubbish generated by groups is considerable and impacts our business. A charge of $55.00 per day (incl. GST) will be added to your final tax invoice to cover the cost of this service.
  8. Noise: SVAC is a multi-use venue and can facilitate several different groups at any time. To ensure everyone can enjoy their visit, we ask that groups are respectful and that all noise cease by 22:00 (unless prior permission given).
  9. Pool: Use of the pool must be pre-booked (subject to availability / seasonal access). SVAC is not responsible for the supervision of groups using the pool - Bronze Medallion/ Life Saving qualification required. Group supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all people swimming are aware of and comply with the SVAC pool rules which are located within the pool area compound.
  10. Fire: Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to light a fire anywhere on the SVAC site. The SVAC Camp Fire area can only be used via pre-booking (during winter months). Candles are only permitted on site with permission from SVAC Staff.
  11. Fire Alarms: All buildings are fitted with a fire alarm system / fire-fighting equipment. It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure all guests are familiar with the fire plan and know the procedures for evacuation and the location of the muster areas. In case of visible fire, telephone FESA on ‘000’, remain calm and give your exact location - then contact the SVAC Duty Manager immediately for further instruction. If no fire is evident, contact the SVAC Duty Manager and await instruction. You must not re-enter a building until you are instructed to do so by DFES or SVAC Management. False alarms cause disruption to the site and anyone found causing such, will result in a $300 charge per false alarm and/or a possible DFES charge. Emergency exit lights are not to be tampered with or covered at any time. Emergency exits must always remain unobstructed.
  12. Property: Any property damage must be reported to SVAC Management immediately. Please note that charges will apply for damage. SVAC cannot take responsibility for the damage or loss of items before, during or after an event. Guest lost property is the responsibility of the group organizer. Any property found after departure will be stored for a maximum of 2 weeks, after which it will be donated to Anglicare or disposed of.
  13. Flora and Fauna: We ask that all guests respect our site and keep to designated paths. Please note that you may encounter venomous snakes and spiders on site at certain times of the year, please do not approach any snake but report sightings immediately to SVAC Staff.
  14. Security: Group organisers must ensure that all electrical equipment (lights, sound equipment, data projectors, air- conditioning etc.) is turned off and conference rooms are locked after each use. Groups using camp house accommodation are encouraged to use the magnetic locking system provided for added security. If any damage or theft occurs to SVAC property due to group organisers not locking housing and conference rooms, group organisers will incur cost of replacement and or repairs.
  15. Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 0800 – 1600.

Weekends and Public Holidays - Closed

For after-hours service the Duty Manager can be contacted via telephone, as per the details on the camp house key tag. Please ensure that this service is being used for emergencies only and note that a call out fee of $300 per incident may apply.