Featured Activities

These are just some of our most popular activities at Swan Valley Adventure Centre

Flying fox

Flying Fox

Fly like Superman as you go through the air on our 100m flying fox. Go solo, race against your friends or go tandem!


Ready, aim, fire! Get your very own group of merry boys and girls and take aim at our Archery Range.


Swan Valley Adventure Centre offers the following activities. These activities must be completed in groups and are run by appointment only.

All Abilities Course

Our easy access high ropes course activity is specifically designed for all abilities! This course uses the state of the art roller system for maneuverability throughout the course. An instructor will be running this activity to ensure the safety of all participants including a trip down the flying fox! This is the only high ropes abilities course available in Western Australia!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Abilities Course

There is nothing better than gaining confidence than lowering yourself over the edge of a high tower. Conquer your fears and learn about the different techniques required to complete this activity.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Abseiling

Become the Robin Hood of Swan Valley with this popular sport that hones hand-to-eye coordination. Based in our undercover archery range, participants will be taught the skills they need to hit the bullseye. Patience and active listening will be required to be successful. Our sessions follow the strict guidelines set by Archery WA.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Archery
Bush Craft

Engage with the environment in our wonderful area of on site bushland. Learn how to build a safe fire using flint, a secure shelter in the bush, how to cook with a camp fire, find clean water and use other survivor skills. Activities are dependent on the season.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Bush Craft
Catapult Build

Our activities have been aimed at building relationships and trust. Design and build a giant catapult using materials collected throughout the day. This activity is best suited and the end of a full day of team challenges!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Catapult Build
Canoeing & Kayaking

Explore the Swan River on our three person Canadian Canoes or single person kayaks. Starting from our own private beach, participants will learn to work as a team to learn water safety, develop skills, build relationships and play a range of games on the Swan River.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Canoeing
Crate Stack

Work together to be successful! This is a very inclusive challenge where the groups have a multiple jobs to do including building the highest tower possible made of crate. Two participants are on top of the tower building it higher, whilst the rest of the group are suppling the crates for holding the ropes to ensuring their safety.

Commando Course

The ultimate stamina test! Navigate through cargo nets, tunnels balancing challenges and much more. This is a great team challenge and fantastic for burning off some energy and is one of our most popular activities, guaranteed to keep you active!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Commando Course
Escape Room - The Blackout Zone

You survived a plane crash, which left you stranded in the middle of the Swan Valley, miles from nowhere. Test your nerves and bring your team together in a multiroom escape room challenge. Follow the clues, solve various problems and overcome your fear of the dark in cramped spaces through a maze of mysterious caves! Can you make it out alive? Only Available April 30 - October 31

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Escape Room
Flying Fox

Launching from our 8m tower, the flying fox transports your over the grounds of Swan Valley Adventure Centre, take the challenge to race a mate forwards, backwards or upside down! We have two 100m long flying foxes set up side by side, maximum weight 110kg.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Activites
Frisbee Golf

Want to get involved in the next craze? Frisbee Golf is fun for all ages and fitness levels utilising the large two ovals at the adventure centre. This 9 hole course is fun for all and it can be done during the day and night!

Swan Valley Adventure Center Frisbee Golf
High Ropes Course

Our state of the art High Ropes course is set in a beautiful area of bushland over Jane Brook. The course is 10m high and is not for the faint-hearted. We use a continuous safe roller belay system for ensuring the safest possible experience. The minimum age is 12+, with a minimum height restriction of 133cm and a maximum weight of 110kg.

High Ropes Course

A serious of get to know you games great for bringing a team together! Icebreakers are a great way to start your day!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Ice Breakers
Jacobs Ladder

Team work and cooperation! Your objective is to climb to the top of a suspended ladder. Gaps between each log become wider the higher you go!

Kite Building

Challenge yourself to build a kite that will fly! Hone your engineering and design skills while having fun!

Leap Of Faith

One of our most Challenging activities! You will climb a large telegraph pole, stand on top of it and take "the leap of faith" by jumping off to try and hit a large orange ball hanging in the air. Your group members have to keep the ropes tight as you leap off the pole. A great teambuilding activity to develop complete trust towards each other.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Leap of Faith
Mountain Biking

Hop on the mountain bike and journey through the natural bush over Jane brook, down the slopes, up the hills and around the beautiful Swan Valley site! Take on the challenge of our skills loop or take it to the next level with time trials!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Mountain Biking

From treasure hunts to a full orienteering course competition, learn how to read maps and use a compass like Indiana Jones. Find your own lost ark!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Orienteering
Possum Glider

You will glide through the air, powered by the force and effort by your team mates working together to pull you up higher and faster! Participants take it in turns to be pulled into the air. This activity is good for all abilities.

Raft Building

Work in teams to plan, assess risks, learn skills to build a floating raft from different materials! All sessions are safely conducted on our beach to the Swan River.

River Trip (3 Hours)

Enjoy half a day on the stunning Swan River seeing local wildlife and untouched parts of the Swan Valley! This is a great team building activity.

Winter camp
Rock Climbing

Climb to the top of our 10m tower which is ideal for beginners! The chimney is great for improving technique or attempt our 2m deep over hanging roof for a real challenge!

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Rock Climbing
Team Building Challenges

Swan Valley Adventure Centre has a multitude of team building activities for children and adults. Teams must work together to complete as many challenges within 90 minutes.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre Team Building Challenges