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More Activities - Land

Crate Stack

Stack as many milk crates as possible, one on top of the other, assisted by your team as you stand on top the tower as you build. The builder is safely secured in a harness and when they fall, a safety rope gentle lowers them to ground.


Possum Glider

An exciting high ropes activity resembling a giant pendulum in which the participant is first raised and lowered, and then swung into the air, resembling a “glider possum” in flight. The element operates on the principle of team haul-up: A single participant is raised and lowered by a team of peers.



Become the Robin Hood of your dreams with this popular sport that hones hand to eye coordination.

Commando course

The ultimate stamina test! A mud run, cargo nets, tunnels, balancing challenges, problem solving, team work – everyone is guaranteed to get wet, get muddy and get stuck in. Great for teams or as a group course.

The Blackout Zone 

Take the challenge of an obstacle course – in the dark. Escape the darkness by working through 5 chambers, gaining clues, completing challenges and making clever choices.

Mountain biking

Through the natural bush, over Jane Brook, down the slopes, up the hills, around our beautiful Swan Valley site - take it easy or take it to the extreme with time trials.


 A range of options are available to cater for all ages and abilities. From simple number hunts to reading maps and using locators.

Team building

Team challenges, team exercises, team bonding, team fun. Learn to work together, communicate better and just enjoy each other’s company.

Campfire / Fire pit

Campers gather together under the stars to chat about the day’s fun, tell stories and sing songs. For an additional charge, you can enhance your campfire experience by adding hot chocolate, marshmallows or making a damper. Evening activity, available May to October.