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Our aim is to provide every child or adult, regardless of their abilities, the opportunity to experience the thrill of the High Ropes.

Children and adults with a physical disability or mental illness often find themselves excluded from climbing activities.

However, it is meeting with people in a challenging and exciting environment, completing tasks and sharing the experience together is a fundamental way of promoting mutual understanding and respect between people.With this in mind, we specially developed a new addition to our programme of activities, a Universal Access Course which is one of the very few Australia wide.


The aim of the course is to provide stimulation and exhilaration for individuals or groups who are capable of moving independently without aid or who rely on wheelchairs but are still able to take part in ropes activities. Safety is our priority and individuals are connected to the course with a continuous belay system which can allow them to manoeuvre around the elements in safety.

Our instructors and assistants are on hand to support and encourage where necessary and ensure that each individual can strive to meet the challenges of the course and have fun at the same time.