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Pirate Adventure Days - School Holiday Program

The pirates have taken over our School Holiday Program.

Come join our pirate adventures.

September 29th & 30th, October 1st, 6th, 7th & 8th

  • Prize for best dressed pirate
  • Hunt for the treasure
  • Conquer your fears

Activities include Pirate Crew Challenges, Shipwreck Survival Skills,

Treasure Hunting, High Flying Adventures, Pirate Voyage and much more.

See Schedule of Activities for Each Day

For 7 - 14 year olds 8:30am to 4pm Each Day

All activities are lead by skilled instructors.

Drop Off by 8:15am, Pick-Up at 4pm

$69 Per Day

Add Pirate Bounty Lunch $18

(includes dessert and drink)

All Pricing Inclusive of GST & Booking Fees

Lunch & Snacks are also available for purchase at our on-site Café

Buy Tickets at: https://swanvalleyadventurecentre.eventbrite.comau


All our Adventure Activities have been modified to create the Pirate theme for this event:

• Treasure Hunt – Orienteering

• Shipwreck Survival Skills – Bush Craft and surviving in the bush

• Pirate Ship Building – Raft Building

• Pirate Voyage – Canoeing on the Swan River

• Pirate Crew Challenges – Team Building

We have a fantastic schedule of activities planned for each day. The events defer by age group and by day.

See Schedule below: