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Established in 1868, the Swan Valley Adventure Centre has its roots in nurturing education – an education that is ideally balanced. The unique 89 acres of stunning Swan Valley wilderness lay the foundation for healthy outdoor activities, and perfectly compliment the structured classroom and conference environments.

As our popularity has grown and our clients’ requirements have evolved, the Swan Valley Adventure Centre has become thoroughly professional in its capabilities, specialising in the creation of safe and flexible adventure tours, and the friendly, personable hosting of school camps and corporate conferences.


Swan Valley Adventure is located at number 58 Yule Avenue Middle Swan, just off Reid Highway.

For any enquiries regarding any activities, Camps or Corporate events please contact us on
08 9374 5600 or



Arrive as individuals, leave as a team

The Swan Valley Adventure Centre offers more than just outdoor fun, overnight facilities and conference rooms in an iconic location. From pre-primary schools to large multi-national corporates, our guests experience a transition that can only occur through the unique balance of mental and physical adventure.

Individuals become teams, delegates become friends, and children become leaders.

A healthy environment in every sense

Unspoiled nature is all around you at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre, but it isn’t the only environment we’re passionate about. Our organisation intensely maintains the Anglican view that everyone is welcome, no matter their language, origin, race, colour, creed or beliefs.

In our environment, nature is for everyone, adventure is for everyone and respect is for everyone.