More Activities - Environmental

Kitchen garden

Lessons on the environment, nutrition, sustainability, and eco-friendly behaviours are taught through investigation, experimentation and problem solving. Ideal for pre-primary and primary school children, our garden in the Swan Valley combines science, technology and the natural environment, and is linked to the “grow it, cook it, eat it” philosophy.


Explore our revegetation area to discover the full implications of introduced fauna and flora on our native species, and the ways the impact is being managed, reconstructed and regenerated.


Aboriginal heritage

Embrace our natural diversity and make nature a friend. A local Indigenous leader explains Aboriginal Lore and its unique cultural and social approaches to preserving and caring for our wild spaces.


Bush building

Learn how different people and different cultures live and survive in the natural environment. Bush building enhances the perception of self in the natural world, and improves the understanding of nature, dwelling spaces, diversity and the old tradition of building cubby houses.